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Harvest to Begin Today! A Tribute to Wine!

September 30, 2008
Boskydel by Carla Sutton

Boskydel by Carla Sutton

The grapes are ripe and it is time to get them off of the vine and in to the fermentation tanks!  Today marks the start of the 2008 Harvest for Boskydel Winery and Vineyards.  Dad has been into viticulture (growing grapes) an oenology (the study of wines/wine-making) for over forty years now.  What started in the basement evolved into a full-fledged business (he had five sons to raise . . . they needed something to do).  And, he’s still going strong!

If you visit the website and take a tour of the tasting room (there is a slide show presentation embedded), you may recognize where I got the idea on how to “hang art” in a room (Dad’s “Wall of Bartered Art”).  This print by Carla Sutton represents the view from the winery parking lot.   Here’s the photographic equivalent that I snapped this past summer while I was home on a visit. 








Here’s a shot of a thistle growing up through a vine.  Obviously, this “weed” was missed, but . . . a nice contrast nonetheless. 

Thistle Among the Vine

Thistle Among the Vine









And last but not least, a print by Scott Jacobs . . .




The Next Installment!

September 28, 2008

Here’s an original oil painting from yet another local artist that has managed to find it’s way into my collection.  The artist, Carla Perry, and this particular piece caught the morning light on freshly fallen snow.  Very reminiscent of my days growing up in Northern Lower Michigan.  The peace and serenity that exist on mornings such as this are unequalled.  For in addition to the quiet, you also have the brisk cool temperatures of winter that capture a freshness of being.

The Morning After

The Morning After

On Display @ OK-SLA Program!

September 26, 2008

Check out this great looking tabletop display!  You too can request this for any of your upcoming events and all it will cost you is the shipping and handling back to SLA HQ!

Our Chapter did a Click U replay today (What’s on the Horizon,” Mary Ellen Bates, 2007) — it was wonderful!  Earlier this week I was a guest lecturer for the University of Oklahoma’s School of Library and Information Studies course on “Special Libraries and Information Center Administration.”   This display sure worked out well.

The set up (and take down) is quick and easy, and it looks great!  Remember to “book” early (here is the online request form), once this catches on, it WILL be a high demand item.

Park West Newsletter.

September 25, 2008

I just received my Park West Gallery newsletter today and discovered that Marcel Mouly died back in January.   I’ve managed to collect a couple of his prints . . . here’s my belated tribute to this fabulous artist. 

La Bouteille Juane

La Bouteille Juane

I’ve purchased quite a few pieces from Park West, so you may eventually recognize the names of many of the artists listed in this newsletter as I slowly add them to my blog.  
Up to this point, I’ve been concentrating on my holdings from the local artists first, but will gradually be branching out to highlight what I’ve collected from  all of these fabulous artists.
Les Raisons et Fenetre Rouge

Les Raisons et Fenetre Rouge

How It All Began . . . This One is Special.

September 24, 2008

It all started with my Dad.  Dad was the Director of the Library at Northwestern Michigan College, in Traverse City, Michigan, where they had an Annual Inuit Art Show (and sale).  He would use the proceeds from the sale to purchase pieces for the college’s collection since the early 1960s. 

Well, Dad eventually retired, but the college had amassed such an exquisite collection of Inuit Art that a museum had to be built to house this permanent collection.  The Dennos Museum officially opened on the campus of Northwestern Michigan College in 1991.  For more information, visit their web site:

So I guess you could say my art collecting, much like my profession, is in my blood.  Here’s the first piece acquired that launched the start of my collection (a college graduation gift from my parents).

The artist: Garry Meeches.  The animals: Musk Oxen (not quite the American Bison, but a close relative).  The result: love at first sight.  Enjoy!

Protecting Circle

Protecting Circle

Deadline Extended, Muchas Gracias!

September 22, 2008

While I experienced quite a productive summer introducing myself to SLA’s 23 Things, the start of the new academic year brought a workload that forced the 23 Things to the back burner.

So I for one am grateful for the extended deadline (mid-December).  This will allow me time to settle into the new semester and as the workload calms down a bit, re-double my efforts to complete the downhill side of the activities (I actually had made it a little more than halfway through the program prior to stalling).

The benefit has been tremendous thus far.  And deadline notwithstanding, I would have continued to proceed through the exercises post-dealine just to gain the knowledge and skill sets.

Despite not officially completing weeks 7 or 9 (yet), I have already experienced using some of the tools covered by these lessons out of simple necessity (ah, the joys of working the reference desk), but I’m looking forward to getting a more formal and in-depth look eventually.    In an earlier post, I explained how a student and I learned together how to embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation.  And, I’ve been getting more and more familiar with wikis (Confluence and PBWiki) — when I get to these during the 23 Things, it should be a breeze.  Perhaps I should jump ahead . . . nah, I’ll take things as they come.

Way cool!

What’s Your Point of View?

September 21, 2008

Here’s the latest from  Enjoy!

All Work and No Play . . . ?

September 21, 2008

Yes, ask anyone who knows me and they will say “Tom really stays busy.”  But no matter how busy I am (or stay), I always manage to find the time to try new things.  And, I’d also like to think that I manage to find the time to “play” and not just fill my extra hours with work (although I must admit that I do take work home with me more often than I probably should).  

My latest “play” activitiy is learning how to play bridge.  I happened into this activity merely on a fluke . . . our church was having a pasta supper on Sunday a few months ago . . . the men’s club had volunteered to cook the pasta . . . we were supposed to stop by the church on Friday evening to pick up our ingredients and the recipe . . . I thought that I had signed up as one of the cooks . . . but lo and behold, upon arriving at the church to pick up my pasta and recipe, I discovered eleven people sitting around playing cards (bridge).    When I explained why I was there, the person coordinating this activity checked her assignment log, and discovered that my name was not on the list.  And, before I could get out the door, I was being asked if I played bridge because they were needing one more player.

Well, I’ve always wanted to learn the game, but had to respond in the negative that I did not really know how (I did let them know that I was willing to learn).   They were just needing a warm body and I was just needing a little coaching/instruction . . . a match made in heaven so to speak.  It has been a bit frustrating (my perfectionistic tendencies sure wish I was learning these things faster than I seem to be), but it is a lot of fun.  I always have enjoyed playing cards and this particular game is no different . . . just a lot more stuff going on (bidding seems to be my biggest challenge right now).  But I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

There is another couple from church that is also really wanting to learn, so we’ve arranged for private lessons from another church member (she’s been playing bridge for over 40 years).  What a hoot!  There’s still a lot to learn and cover, but so far, it has been a lot of fun.  I actually bid and played my first mini-slam today — way cool!

One thing’s for sure in my life . . . never a dull moment (perhaps overwhelmed from time to time, but never bored).

Tall Grass Prairie!

September 19, 2008

Here’s a painting by Jerry Yarnell — I found this particular piece a couple of years ago on Mother’s Day at the Trail of Tears Art Show/Sale in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  As is my ususual compulsive bend, all I had to do was “see” this one and I knew that it would be going home with me.  Enjoy!

Tall Grass Prarie

Tall Grass Prarie

In addition to the American Bison depicted, I also find the stormy setting particularly pleasing.  Especially on the prairie.

Learned Something New!

September 19, 2008

Last night I was tasked with assisting a student to embed a YouTube video into one of her PowerPoint presentations.  Needless to say, this was a new Web 2.0 skill that I had not yet learned (despite my best efforts thus far to keep up-to-date with these types of technology).  So, a learning opportunity for the both of us.  Luckily, Dena (one of our fabulour student workers) helped to ease this learning process quickly and efficiently (she did a Google search . . . duh!  I felt like such an idiot).

Anyway, here’s the YouTube video on how to “Embed a YouTube Video Into PowerPoint.”  Enjoy.