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The Next Hood!

July 1, 2009
Dreamer of Buffaloes

Dreamer of Buffaloes

Alrighty art lovers of the world, here’s the next installment of my Larry Hood collection of original watercolors.  Included with this painting was the below story/explanation (also signed).

From Larry: “This painting shows a buffalo medicine man dreaming or visioning the buffalo.  Just about everything about him is of the buffalo.  Buffalo Shaman would make their special kind of medicine and then would fast for day s to induce a vision of where the buffalo herds might be.  Often in a dream or vision the place or site would come to the Shaman telling him where the buffalo herds might be.  These men were highly revered in their tribe for their prowess as buffalo finders.  A buffalo is painted on his shield to signify he is a buffalo dreamer.  The buffalo headdress was also a common item worn on the buffalo medicine men.  Note the buffalo herd in the mystic sky.”