“Professional Librarian” — an Oxymoron?

Here is some interesting “food for thought” from a blog posts by Ryan Deschamps . . . I’m not sure I agree 100%, but he does raise some excellent points.

1. Librarians have no monopoly on the activities they claim.
2. There are no consequences for failing to adhere to ethical practices.
3. Librarianship is too generalized to claim any expertise.
4. “Librarian” assumes a place of work rather than the work itself.
5. Peer review in librarianship does not work because there is no competitive process to go with it.
6. Values are not enough.
7. The primary motivation for the professionalization is the monopoly of labor.
8. Accredited library schools do not adequately prepare students for library work.
9. Competing professionals are offering different paradigms to achieve the same goals.
10. Nobody can name a “great” librarian.

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