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How’s Your Commute?

April 13, 2011

Do you hate fighting traffic getting to work every morning and getting home every evening?  Then perhaps you should consider finding a job in one of the top-ten cities that have been identified as having the easiest and most affordable commutes (from Kiplinger, courtesy of MSN).   The factors examined include: metro population of at least 1 million, low congestion cost (a measurement of wasted time and fuel calculated by the Texas Transportation Institute), the average length of the commute, local gas prices, yearly delays per commuter, and public transit use.  Personally, my commute is not bad at all, but then again, the Tulsa metro area does not even come close to reaching the 1 million mark, and, my commute is a reverse commute (the heavier traffic is heading the opposite direction that I’m heading).

Here are the national averages (with my averages in the parentheses):

  • Average commute time: 25 minutes (19 minutes)
  • Yearly congestion cost per commuter: $808 ($0.00 – I have had no congestion.)
  • Average length of commute: 11.79 miles (19 miles.)
  • Cost of regular gas: $3.23 per gallon ($3.49 currently.)
  • Yearly delays per commuter: 34 hours ($0.00 – I have had no delays.)
  • Yearly fuel wasted per commuter: 28 gallons (0 gallons.)
  • Public transit users: 5%  (I have no idea, but I’m sure our percentage is small.)
  • And here are the top ten cities . . . there was only one city west of the Mississippi River — Kansas City.
    10. Hartford, CT
    9. Louisville, KY
    8. Kansas City, MO/KS
    7. Cincinnati, OH/KY/IN
    6. Cleveland, OH
    5. Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY
    4. Richmond, VA
    3. Providence-New Bedford-Fall River, RI/MA
    2. Columbus, OH
    1. Rochester, NY 

    For the individual stats for each city, check out the full report here.