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This Site Is for the “Birds!”

April 20, 2011

Writhed Hornbill, Phillipines

Whether you are just a bird enthusiast, a serious birder, or a seasoned ornithologist, Michigan State University has put together an online library of bird sounds, photos, and other information.  The Avian Vocalizations Center (AVoCet) offers free downloads of bird sounds from around the world and features sonograms that visually chart the sounds, photos of the birds recorded, Google Earth maps of the recording locations, and links to other online sound collections.

Currently more than 10,200 recordings from over 3,190 species in 45 countries are available on AVoCet (and new recordings are being added regularly).  From the site ( you are able to:

  • Search the repository by either the scientific or common name.
  • Browse through a summary of the recordings in the database by country, number of recordings, and number of species recorded.
  • Look at the “coming soon” page. 
  • Browse through an alphabetic list (by scientific name) of the recordings.
  • And much more.

“Project AVoCet aims to provide a global database of well-documented, downloadable bird sounds in aid of environmental and ornithological research, conservation, education, and the identification and appreciation of birds and their habitats.” (From the website.)

Here’s a link to the sound recording for the Writhed Hornbill.

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