Show Me The Bacon!

Being a true lover of bacon, I’m surprised that I do not yet have one of these whimsical neckties (a deficiency that will probably be corrected before the end of the day).  I recently discovered a couple of different designs that are certainly tempting me to place an order.    I’m leaning toward favoring the design on the left, but either design would be a welcomed addition to my collection (perhaps I will get both).  Of course, consuming bacon is preferable to simply wearing or displaying bacon, but it would be wonderful to have this option.  I wonder if these neckties would be better at “hiding” the occasional grease spot that one invariably gets on ones neckties? (Ha!)  Probably not.  Oh well, it was just a thought.

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One Response to “Show Me The Bacon!”

  1. Jeffrey Hunter Says:

    Now we are talking ties. I love it. I’ll have to find one or make one to sellon my site Novelty Neckties at Nice Tie Store

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