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Are You Ready to Party?

December 31, 2012

New Years Eve GraphicHere it is, New Year’s Eve and the first thing that comes to mind on this, the traditionally most famous night of revelry in the year, is . . . Party on Wayne.  Party on Garth.  But let’s be sensible out there and if you are going to drink, please arrange for a ride home (or have a designated driver).  You certainly don’t want to start off the New Year from a jail cell, that would not be an auspicious beginning.  Memorable, indeed, but that is not be the kind of memorable that I’d want to remember.

Party safely!


College Basketball 2012 — Week Nine!

December 31, 2012

Block_SAs 2012 draws to a close, there are only four remaining undefeated teams (Duke, Arizona, Michigan, and Wyoming).  The Big Ten continues to have six teams in the top-25 (Michigan [#2], Indiana [#5], Ohio State [#10], Minnesota [#11], Illinois [#12],  and Michigan State [#19]).  The Spartans did not play this last week, but will open their Big Ten season on the road tonight against the highly ranked Golden Gophers of Minnesota.  Go Green!

The upsets among the top-25 this week included:
Missouri (#7) losing to unranked UCLA by three points in overtime.
Cincinnati (#8) losing to unranked New Mexico by only one point.
UNLV (#20) losing to unranked North Carolina by six points.

The close calls (wins by five points or less) among the top-25 this week included:
Illinois (#12) defeating unranked Auburn by only two points.
Louisville (#4) defeating unranked Kentucky by only three points.

The losses to higher-ranked teams among the top-25 this week included:
San Diego State (#17) losing to Arizona (#3) by only one point.

These Are Firsts!

December 30, 2012

When I was growing up, my parents continuously attempted to instill in me the concept that winning (or finishing first) wasn’t important.  What was important was that we gave the attempt our 100% effort.  This ties in closely with the quotation (mini poem?) by Grantland Rice:

“For when the One Great Scorer comes,
To write against your name,
He marks – not that you won or lost –
But how you played the Game.”

Of course, Vince Lombardi saw things a bit differently:  “Winning isn’t the only thing; it’s everything.”

But I digress.  Allow me to get back to the concept of finishing first.  Here’s a wonderful quotation (the author is unknown) that puts some “firsts” into perspective.

“The first to apologize is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest.”  Now those are some firsts!


December 29, 2012

lovedemotivatorAs the holiday season (as well as the year) draws to a close, why not throw in one last demotivator to inspire us into the new year?  And, considering that Christmas was just last week, this one on the topic of love is truly apropos, don’t you think?  Fortunately for me, I don’t have the kind of job that allows me to purchase love and I’ve been able to acquire love the “old fashioned” way — from the heart and through my relationships.

(Image courtesy of

Growing Up in Simpler Times!

December 28, 2012

Happy Friday!  This video certainly brought back some memories.  I’m thankful for having grown up during these simpler times . . . happy reminiscing!  Unlike the title of this video (“I can’t believe we made it”), as well as the narrator’s assertion that we are lucky to have survived, I was never concerned that I wouldn’t make it!

Check it out here.

“I Got Chills, They’re Multiplying!”

December 27, 2012

This is the opening line of the lyrics to “You’re the One That I Want,” from the movie Grease which will be celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2013 (June 16th to be exact).  A fun and entertaining musical that provides a little frisson of pleasure jolting through me every time I watch it.  Shouldn’t life be full of more moments like these?


\free-SOHN\, noun;

A moment of intense excitement; a shudder; an emotional thrill.

A Passageway to Somewhere!

December 26, 2012

PassagewayHere is another one of the fabulous paintings that I acquired recently that had been on display/exhibited at the Visitor’s Center Gallery on the Broken Arrow campus of Northeastern State University.  The artist: Janice Wright, the title: Passageway, the medium: acrylic on hot press watercolor paper.  This is part of a series of 9 paintings (I own three of the nine) that features trees in all seasons, shapes and sizes.  See also “Northern Sentinels” and “The Golden Hour” that were posted on this blog earlier this year.  There are several more painting by Janice that I hope to collect (if no one else snatches them up before I can budget for their purchase) — winning the lottery would certainly take off some of the financial pressure causing me to delay my gratification.  Alas, c’est la vie!  The dilemmas of an art collector are many indeed.

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2012

One of my favorite Christmas songs is “O Holy Night.”  Here’s a wonderful rendition by David Phelps.  Merry Christmas one and all!

College Basketball 2012 — Week Eight!

December 24, 2012

Block_SThis week was just slightly busier than last week for college basketball.  And following a week of several upsets, there are only five undefeated teams remaining.  Next week has very few games scheduled before the teams head into conference play the first week of January.  The good news: there are still six Big Ten teams in the top-25 (two of them [Ohio State and Illinois] lost this week), four of which are in the top ten (Michigan [#2], Indiana [#6], Ohio State [#7], Illinois [#10], Minnesota [#13], and Michigan State [#20]).  The Spartans played twice this week and were victorious over both Bowling Green and Texas .  Next up for the Spartans: on the road to meet the highly ranked Golden Gophers of Minnesota on New Year’s Eve day and then at home against Purdue on Saturday.  Go Green!

The upsets among the top-25 this week included:
Syracuse (#3) losing to unranked Temple by four points.
Ohio State (#7) losing to Kansas (#9).
Florida (#8) losing to unranked Kansas State.
Illinois (#10) losing to Missouri (#12).
New Mexico (#16) losing to unranked South Dakota State by five points.
North Carolina (#23) losing to unranked Texas.

The close calls (wins by five points or less) among the top-25 this week included:
Syracuse (#3) defeated unranked Detroit by only four points.
New Mexico (#16) defeated unranked New Mexico State by only five points.
UNLV (#21) defeated unranked UTEP by only two points.

The losses to higher-ranked teams among the top-25 this week included:

Best of 2011!

December 23, 2012

From the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Wizards of Winter,” to the Holdman’s “Amazing Grace,” to this year’s “Gangham Style” display, I never seem to tire of these fabulous Christmas light displays.  I’ll probably never do something like this myself, but I can certainly appreciate the hard work and creativity of others.  And, it seems as though these get better every year . . . a lot of work, but the choreography is fabulous and the enjoyment endless!