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College Basketball 2013, Week Sixteen!

February 18, 2013

Block_SWell, it was rivalry week and Michigan State (#8) took care of business at home against Michigan (#4).   We led the entire way and won by 23 points — what a great effort.  Minnesota dropped from the top-25, but Wisconsin finally entered the rankings and the Big Ten conference continues to have five teams in the top-25 (Indiana [#1], Michigan [#4], Michigan State [#8], Ohio State [#13], and Wisconsin [#20]).   The Spartans were able to win both of their games this week (at home against Michigan [#4] and then on the road at Nebraska. At the current moment, the Spartans share the lead of the Big Ten with Indiana, but the next four games are against ranked opponents from the top-half of the Big Ten.  Next up for the Spartans: at home against Indiana (#1) on Tuesday then on the road to Ohio State (#13) on Saturday.  Follow these games up with a trip to Michigan (#4) and then home against Wisconsin (#20) and you have quite the gauntlet of important quality games coming up.  Go Green!

The upsets among the top-25 this week included:
Duke (#2) losing to unranked Maryland by only two points.
Michigan (#4) losing to Michigan State (#8).
Syracuse (#6) losing to unranked Connecticut.
Arizone (#9) losing to unranked Colorado.
Kansas State (#10) losing to Kansas (#14).
Butler (#11) losing to unranked Charlotte by only four points.
Ohio State (#13) losing to Wisconsin (#20).
Pittsburgh (#16) losing to Marquette (#18).
Wisconsin (#20) losing to unranked Minnesota by only five points in overtime.
Notre Dame (#21) losing to unranked Providence.
Kentucky (#25) losing to unranked Tennessee (by thirty points!).

The close calls (wins by six points or less [two scores]) among the top-25 this week included:
Duke (#2) defeating unranked North Carolina by only five points.
Miami (#3) defeating unranked Florida State by only six points and defeating unranked Clemson by only two points.
Arizona (#9) defeating unranked Utah by only four points.
Butler (#11) defeating unranked Fordham by only five points.
Oklahoma State (#17) defeating unranked Oklahoma by only five points in overtime.
New Mexico (#19) defeating unranked Fresno State by only six points.
Notre Dame (#21) defeating unranked DePaul by only four points in overtime.
Oregon (#23) defeating unranked Washington State by only two points in overtime.
Colorado State (#24) defeating unranked San Diego State by only six points and defeating unranked Air Force by only three points.

The losses to higher-ranked teams among the top-25 this week included:
Marquette (#18) losing to Georgetown (#15).
Kentucky (#25) losing to Florida (#7).