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Necktie of the Month — October 2013!

October 4, 2013

IMG_0553Having recently returned from a hiking trip/vacation to the Grand Canyon, here is a rather unique novelty necktie that I acquired recently of the Grand Canyon (in a tile pattern) as depicted on the 2-cent stamp from 1934.  To encourage domestic tourism and to promote America’s national parks, a series of ten stamps was issued on various dates from July 16 to October 8, 1934. Ranging In denominations of 1- to 10-cents, the stamps depict scenes from the national parks in various colors.

The 2-cent red National Parks stamp, issued July 24, 1934, shows a view of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.  Hmm, it looks orange to me — that’s my final answer and I’m sticking with it.

This is now the second philatelic necktie that I have acquired (I won’t be posting the first one until May 2014, sorry, but I have a very specific reason for waiting until then) — thank you Tara for encouraging me to acquire philatelic neckties.  I wonder if this would qualify as stamp collecting as well?  Probably not, but that’s okay, c’est la vie!  I will just have to be satisfied with collecting neckties with an occasional stamp design.