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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning!

January 31, 2014

. . . a very good place to start . . . this is the exordium to the song “Do-Re-Mi” from the Sound of Music (one of my all-time favorite musicals).  What a great word to stumble across in my reading.  Happy Friday (hmm, I probably should have saved this post for the “beginning” of the week instead of the end of the week, alas)!


\ ig-ZAWR-dee-uhm \, noun;

1.  the beginning of anything.
2.  the introductory part of an oration, treatise, etc.

College Basketball 2014, Week Thirteen!

January 30, 2014

127The injury woes continue for the Spartans: a second starter, Branden Dawson, will  be sitting out with a broken hand (estimated to be out 4-5 weeks);  Adreian Payne sat out for his fifth and sixth consecutive games this week and is likely to remain out of action for at least another week;  Keith Appling is battling a sprained wrist.  If the Spartans ever get back to 100%, we could be a force to be reckoned with.  Despite a great effort, the short-handed Spartans couldn’t get the “w” at home and lost to the Wolverines on Saturday by five points. But they were able to win at Iowa in overtime on Tuesday night! Woohoo! The Big Ten conference continues to have five teams in the AP top-25, but we’re slipping a little and only have two in the top ten (#7 Michigan State and #10 Michigan).  The number of undefeated teams remains at three (Arizona, Syracuse, and Wichita State).   Next up for the Spartans: the Hoyas of Georgetown.   Go Green!

The upsets among the top-25 this week included:
Michigan State (#3) losing to Michigan (#21).
Oklahoma State (#8) losing to Oklahoma (#23).
Kentucky (#11) losing to unranked LSU by five (5) points.
Wisconsin (#14) losing to unranked Northwestern.
Baylor (#24) losing to unranked Texas.

The close calls (wins by six points or less [two scores]) among the top-25 this week included:
Arizona (#1) defeating unranked Stanford by three (3) points.
Villanova (#4) defeating unranked Marquette in overtime.
Florida (#6) defeating unranked Alabama by six (6) points.
San Diego State (#7) defeating unranked Utah State by five (5) points in overtime.
Michigan State (#7) defeating Iowa (#10) by two (2) points in overtime.
Villanova (#9) defeating unranked Georgetown by five (5) points.
Oklahoma State (#11) defeating unranked West Virginia by six (6) points.
Cincinnati (#15) defeating unranked Temple by four (4) points.
Iowa State (#16) defeating Kansas State (#22) by six (6) points.
Pittsburgh (#20) defeating unranked Maryland by four (4) points.
Creighton (#20) defeating unranked St. John’s by three (3) points.
Massachusetts (#21) losing to unranked St. Bonaventure.
Ohio State (#24) losing to unranked Penn State by one (1) point in overtime.

The losses to higher-ranked teams among the top-25 this week included:
Iowa State (#16) losing to Kansas (#6).
Pittsburgh (#18) losing to Duke (#17).
Kansas State (#22) losing to Iowa State (#16).

Here’s to Libraries, Week Two!

January 29, 2014

UnivClubThe next installment in my “quotes about libraries” series has the marvelous backdrop of the University Club Library (New York City)–allow me a quick shout out to my friend and colleague, Andrew Berner (Librarian at the University Club)–with a quotation from Anne Herbert on the importance of libraries.  Ms. Herbert has also been credited with coining the phrase “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.”  Happy Hump Day!

Source: photo courtesy of  (BuzzFeed).

Just Around the Corner!

January 28, 2014

taxesdemotivatorAs the month of January winds down to a close, the receipt of our W-2 forms reminds us that the tax season has arrived.  So, what is your approach to filing your taxes?  File early?  File late?  Ask for an extension?  File electronically?  Mail them in?  Does your approach or strategy change depending on whether or not you are receiving a refund versus having to pay extra tax?  Here is yet another wonderful demotivator (courtesy of to help poke a little fun at the annual tax-filing ritual.

Tie One On!

January 27, 2014

Are you tired of tying the same old standard necktie knot day in and day out?  Are you looking to try something new or different?  I would certainly recommend the following sites as possible starting points.

To Tie a Tie
This page provides directions on how to tie a variety of necktie knots. The site also provides the advantages and disadvantages to the various knots, recommends suitable outfits and/or occasions for utilizing the different knots, and offers some tips on caring for your neckties.

Art of Style
Here is another site that also helps you identify the right knot (the three most common knots–four-in-hand, half Windsor, and full Windsor) for the right occasion.

Encyclopedia of Tie Knots
Courtesy of Thomas Fink and Yong Mao, this site is “the definitive catalogue of tie knots.”

Common Knots
Another site highlighting some of the more common knots.

Yet another site for some of the more basic knots.

If you prefer video tutorials . . .
This site has video tutorials to help you in your quest to tie the perfect necktie.

For something a bit more adventurous . . .
If you are ready to tackle something really unique, why not try the Eldridge or the Trinity knots–they are guaranteed to turn heads.

A Little Night Music, Please?

January 26, 2014

Here is a delightful rendition of an excerpt from a Mozart favorite, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, performed on assorted bottles by a street performer. Positively entertaining. Enjoy!  Unfortunately, it ends a bit abruptly . . . but good fun regardless.

To Protect, and To Lead!

January 25, 2014

Do you have what it takes to be an effective law enforcement supervisor?  There was recently an article in Law Officer magazine (the January 2014 issue) that outlined some of the positive (as well as negative) leadership traits.  And, while this article was directed at the law enforcement audience, these positive traits are certainly a benefit in any occupation or industry.

Build healthy relationships Micromanaging
Communicate Poor communication
Listen to employees Not listening
Collaborate Refusing to learn from others
Delegate responsibility Reacting negatively to criticism
Don’t shirk responsibility Making decisions based solely on emotion
Have confidence Blaming others for mistakes
Keep a positive attitude Showing favoritism
Motivate others Indecisive
Inspire a shared vision Deceitful
Be proactive vs. reactive Unwilling to learn
Show flexibility Conflict-creator
Keep an open mind Unethical
Be enthusiastic Being a dictator
Take initiative Refusal to admit fault
Be courageous
Take risks

Here’s a link to the entire article by Jevon A. Thompson.

Source: Law Officer magazine, January 2014, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 30-31.

Your Digital Afterlife!

January 24, 2014

Not to be morbid, but here is some interesting food for thought.  Have you ever stopped to think about what happens to all of your many online profiles (your digital fingerprint, so to speak) after you die?  Will you “live on forever” via your social media accounts?  Here is an interesting infographic that shows you exactly what is required to deactivate many of the common social media accounts after someone has died.  Very interesting indeed.


College Basketball 2014, Week Twelve!

January 23, 2014

127This week the Spartans faced and handled the Fighting Illini of Illinois on Saturday and then hosted and defeated the Hoosiers of Indiana on Tuesday.  Adreian Payne sat out for his fourth consecutive game and is likely to remain out of action for a couple more weeks.  The good news: the Spartans are finding ways to win without him and in the process, gaining experience and deepening their bench.  Michigan State remains unbeaten and in the top spot of the Big Ten conference just slightly ahead of the also undefeated in conference University of Michigan.  The first half of the college basketball season is now in the books and conference play is certainly living up to its billing — every game, home or away, is turning into a contested battle. And, while the Big Ten conference continues to have five teams in the AP top-25, three of them are currently in the top ten (#3 Michigan State, #9 Wisconsin, and #10 Iowa).  Following a week of numerous upsets, the list of undefeated teams has dropped to three (Arizona, Syracuse, and Wichita State).   Next up for the Spartans: their in-state rival: the Wolverines of the University of Michigan then the Hawkeyes of Iowa.   A successful week could put any of these three teams in the driver’s seat of the Big Ten Conference.   Go Green!

The upsets among the top-25 this week included:
Wisconsin (#3) losing to unranked Michigan.
Villanova (#4) losing to unranked Creighton.
Iowa State (#8) losing to unranked Texas.
Oklahoma State (#9) losing to Kansas (#15) by two (2) points.
Wisconsin (#9) losing to unranked Minnesota.
Iowa (#10) losing to Michigan (#21).
Ohio State (#11) losing to unranked Minnesota.
Baylor (#12) losing to Oklahoma (#25) by two (2) points.
Massachusetts (#13) losing to unranked Richmond by three (3) points.
Memphis (#17) losing to unranked Connecticut.
Ohio State (#17) losing to unranked Nebraska.
Creighton (#20) losing to unranked Providence.
Colorado (#21) losing to UCLA (#25).
Kansas State (#22) losing to unranked Texas by three (3) points.
UCLA (#25) losing to unranked Utah.

The close calls (wins by six points or less [two scores]) among the top-25 this week included:
Syracuse (#2) defeating Pittsburgh (#22) by five (5) points.
Michigan State (#3) defeating unranked Indiana by five (5) points.
Saint Louis (#19) defeating unranked Duquesne by four (4) points.

The losses to higher-ranked teams among the top-25 this week included:
Pittsburgh (#22) losing to Syracuse (#2).
Baylor (#24) losing to Kansas (#8).

Here’s to Libraries, Week One!

January 22, 2014

LibQuote1Okay, these beautiful photos and corresponding quotations crossed a couple of my blog feeds encouraging me to “steal this idea” and promote my library.  So, here goes.    This is the first of twenty-eight amazing photographs of assorted libraries from across the world (courtesy of Daniel Dalton).  Each photo includes a wonderful quotation about libraries.  Enjoy!  The first photo: The Long Room, Trinity College Library, University of Dublin; the first quotation: “Libraries are the thin red line between civilisation and barbarism.”  (Neil Gaiman)

Source: via  (BuzzFeed), and Stephen Abram (Stephen’s Lighthouse)