Necktie of the Month – October 2014!

CamoTieThis month I will be highlighting my camouflage bow tie.  And, while I not necessarily a fan of “Duck Dynasty,” this is a most apropos necktie for either the Robertson brothers or anyone in the military.  I acquired this particular tie earlier this year (on sale, of course) and have several earth-toned shirts on which to pair this necktie — sage green, beige, brown, white, and black (yes, it actually doesn’t look too bad with a black background).   According to the Oxford English Dictionary, camouflage is primarily defined as “disguise, concealment; (now) esp. a means of, or the action of, misleading someone or disguising the truth.”  But there are several other additional definitions including: “clothing designed to disguise or conceal its wearer, typically having a mottled pattern in shades of green, brown, or grey, and worn by military personnel or (later) hunters. Now also: clothing designed with this pattern, worn as a fashion item.”


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