Trivia in the Kitchen, Number Nine!

Since we are experience a resurgence of summer, why not shift our attention back to a traditional summer food — watermelon.  Did you know that watermelons are botanically related to cucumbers and pumpkins?  This fruit is 92% water and 100% edible (yes, even the seed and the rind).  Believe it or not, watermelons were used by early explorers as canteens.

Even though this fruit is mostly water, it also contains a significant number of vitamins and minerals (based on 100 grams of raw fruit):

Vitamin C – 8.1 mg
Vitamin A – 569 IU
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) – 0.045 mg
Vitamin B1 (thiamin) – 0.033 mg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 0.021mg
Folate – 3 mcg
Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) – 0.221 mg

Calcium – 7 mg
Potassium – 112 mg
Magnesium – 10 mg
Phosphorous – 11 mg
Iron – 0.24 mg
Sodium – 1 mg
Flouride – 1.5 mcg

And, 100 grams of this fruit amounts to 30 calories and contains 91.5 grams water, 0.15 gram fat, 7.55 grams carbohydrates, 0.4 gram dietary fiber, 6.2 grams sugar and 0.61 gram protein.


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