A Collector’s Portfolio!

IMG_0747Last summer while on vacation in the Traverse City, Michigan area, I was fortunate enough meet one of the local artists (Charles R. Murphy) and acquire “The Art of Charles R. Murphy: a Collector’s Portfolio.”  The limited edition (250), numbered, and signed portfolio includes articles and information about the artist and the giclee print process as well as a collection of eight (8) giclee prints (signed by the artist).  I had purchased one of his original watercolor paintings (Granite Valley)a few years ago and was delighted to add this collection of giclee prints to my collection.  Here is the first installment.  Title: Neighborhood Fabric #8, Artist: Charles R. Murphy, Medium: giclee print, Enjoyment: complete!

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2 Responses to “A Collector’s Portfolio!”

  1. Anke Dodson Says:

    Tom, the Charles Murphy giclee is superb.
    You are now officially inducted into the cityscape lovers club!


  2. Tom Rink Says:

    Yes, guilty as charged.

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