Trivia in the Kitchen, Number Thirteen!

This week, we are looking at the iconic American foods and ranking them in order by popularity.  Cheeseburgers have been replace by pizza (pepperoni specifically) as the most favorite food in America (no surprise here).  Do you prefer thin or thick crusts?  What are your favorite toppings?  And, did you know that October is National Pizza Month?  Did you also know that approximately 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second of the day?  Italy, is acknowledged as the birthplace of pizza as we know it, though earlier forms existed 2,000 years ago in the Middle East.  Here is a link to some fun facts about pizza.  Below is the list of the top-25 favorite American foods.  Where are your favorites on the list?

25. Buffalo Wings
24. Cobb Salad
23. Corn Dogs
22. Cheesesteaks
21. Banana Splits
20. Reuben Sandwich
19. Chili
18. Cheese Curds
17. Lobster Rolls
16. Macaroni and Cheese
15. Biscuits and Gravy
14. Spaghetti and Meatballs
13. Barbecued Ribs
12. Apple Pie
11. S’Mores
10. BACON,Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich
9. Meatloaf
8. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
7. Tater Tots
6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
5. Nachos
4. Cheeseburgers
3. Root Beer Float
2. Chocolate Chip Cookies
1. Pepperoni Pizza


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