Are You A True Leader?!

An article crossed my inbox last week (by Henry S. Givray, President & CEO, SmithBucklin) that identified the “12 distinguishing qualities that define true leaders.”  How many of these characteristics are reflected in you and your leadership style?

1. Uncompromised integrity in both words and action.
2. Striving hard to earn trust and readily giving it.
3. Courage and self-confidence to do the right thing versus what’s convenient, expedient, popular or personally beneficial.
4. Honoring one’s word by always delivering on promises and commitments.
5. Resolute determination to surface and confront issues and conflict with openness and candor balanced with diplomacy and empathy.
6. Accountability, defined as embracing ownership of actions, decisions, commitments and results – yours and those of the people who answer to you.
7. A steadfast work ethic and commitment to personal excellence.
8. Authentic humility.
9. Compassion, kindness and genuine caring for others.
10. A genuine desire to serve others; putting service ahead of self-interest.
11. Tough-minded optimism.
12. A high degree of self-awareness.

Here’s a link to the full article.



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