Necktie of the Month – December 2014!

IMG_0773This month I will highlight another one of the bargain ($5) neckties that I acquired in mid-October during my road trip to northwestern Arkansas.  And, while I am not always a fan of the color blue, I like the pattern of this one a lot and knew that it would go well with and complement my brown and beige suits quite nicely.   I should be able to pair this tie with my beige shirt as well as my brown shirt, my light blue shirt, my dark blue shirt and my white shirt.

Of course one of these days, I may have to acquire and/or add some form of blue suit to my wardrobe.  I used to have a navy blue blazer, but once I started wearing suits on a regular basis, I quit wearing blazers and sport coats and gave them all away.  Sorting through the closet every now and then is always a good thing — get rid of the clothes that no longer fit and make room for the new acquisitions.  Ah, the burden of being a “clothes horse.”  Luckily I have several local options for donating my gently used clothing for re-purposing.


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