Trivia in the Kitchen, Number Eighteen!

pufferThe oceans provide a habitat for many creatures, many of which can kill you if you are not careful (sharks, stingrays, box jellyfish, etc.).  Here’s a link to the ten most dangerous marine creatures.  Then there are those that can kill you if you eat them.  So for all of you seafood lovers out there, be careful not to eat these two: the puffer fish (Tetraodontidae), the second-most poisonous vertebrate in the world (the golden poison frog is #1), and the blood clam (Anadara granos) which has the tendency to cause Hepatitis A&E, dysentery, typhoid fever, and other maladies when eaten (hmm, no hint of this danger reported on the wikipedia entry).

Check out the world’s ten most deadliest delicacies here.

Photo courtesy of Tanaka Juuyoh (CC-BY-2.0).


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