Open Wide!

The word I discovered this week, has led me on the trail of numerous related words — a bit of a patulous discovery, if I do say so myself.


\pachuh-luh s\, adjective;

1.  open; gaping; expanded.
1. spreading, as a tree or its boughs.
2. spreading slightly, as a calyx.
3. bearing the flowers loose or dispersed, as a peduncle.


\pi-duhng-kuh l, pee-duhng-]\, noun;

1. a flower stalk, supporting either a cluster or a solitary flower.
2. the stalk bearing the fruiting body in fungi.

1. a stalk or stem; a stalklike part or structure.
1. a stalk like structure composed of white matter, connecting various regions of the brain.
2. an attachment process, as in the brachiopods.


\key-liks, kal-iks\, noun;
1.  the outermost group of floral parts; the sepals.
Anatomy, Zoology.
1. a cuplike part.

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