Who’s Being Charitable?!

In a recent issue of the AARP Bulletin, in the “State News” section, there was a comparison of the charitable giving by state.  The source was The Chronicle of Philanthropy analysis of Internal Revenue Service data.  The states were compared according to the donations to charity as a percentage of adjusted gross income in 2012.  Hmm, as it would work out, the most “charitable” states are predominantly in the south, while the least charitable are in the northeast.   Here are the top five (5) and the bottom five (5); Oklahoma was toward the higher end of the spectrum (3.94%).

Most Charitable:
1. Utah (6.56%)
2. Mississippi (4.99%)
3. Alabama (4.81%)
4. Tennessee (4.45%)
5. Georgia (4.20%)

Only three other states were at or above 4.00% — South Carolina (4.13%), Idaho (4.09%), and Washington, DC (4.00%).

Least Charitable:
1.  New Hampshire (1.74%)
2. Maine (1.95%)
3. Vermont (2.00%)
4. New Jersey (2.01%)
5. Rhode Island (2.07%)


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