Cold and Flu Season!

Here we are in the middle of the cold and flu season.  And despite having taken the precaution of getting a flu shot, I have already suffered through an extended bout of feeling less than 100%. I’m hesitant to call it the flu, but perhaps I’m living in denial.  In the February issue of the AARP Bulletin, they compared the state rates for people 65+ receiving the flu vaccination during the 2013-2014 flu season (the range of variance was between 35 and 60%).  I haven’t quite made it into this demographic yet, but noticed that Oklahoma (51.5%) was in the top third of states by percentage of seniors being vaccinated.  Here are the top five (5) states as well as the bottom five (5).

Highest percentage:
1. Iowa (57.3%)
2. Connecticut (57.2%)
3. Wisconsin (56.9%)
4. Massachusetts (56.4%)
5. Delaware (56.2%)

Lowest percentage:
1. Alaska (37.1%)
2. District of Columbia (40.7%)
3. Nevada (41.1%)
4. New Mexico (41.2%)
5. Mississippi (43.0%)

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