Trivia in the Kitchen, Number Thirty-Six!

800px-Male_Lion_and_Cub_Chitwa_South_Africa_Luca_Galuzzi_2004I could never be a vegetarian/vegan . . . I like my meat too much and thus lean more to carnivoristic tendencies.  I am more of a facultative carnivore (I also consume non-animal food) as opposed to an obligative carnivore (who relies solely on animal flesh for their nutrient requirements).  When you hear the term “carnivore” you generally will think of the large mammals like lions and tigers. Did you know that a large adult male lion can consume 50-70 pounds of meat at a single meal?  Of course they could then go several days without eating again.  Even though the lion is a carnivore, it has been know to also eat grass and leaves as a way of neutralizing the acid in their stomachs (which is caused by the consumption of large amounts of meat). Here’s an alphabetic list of the various carnivores.  I’m not entirely sure what I will be having for dinner tonight, but I can assure you there will be some meat involved.

Photo taken by (Luca Galuzzi) *, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.


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