Do You Know . . . !

. . . what the following groupings have in common?

  1. Antonius Marcus Aurelius; Muhammed, founder of Islam; William Shakespeare, John James Audubon, and Rudolf Hess.
  2. John Wilkes Booth, Gypsy Rose Lee, William “Count” Basie, and Lucille Ball.

The first grouping were all born on April 26th and the second grouping all died on April 26th.

Did you also know that these events occurred on April 26th?

1514 – Copernicus made his first observations of Saturn.
1906 – In Hawaii, motion pictures were shown for the first time.
1921 – Weather broadcasts were heard for the first time on radio in St. Louis, MO.
1931 – New York Yankee Lou Gehrig hit a home run but was called out for passing a runner.
1964 – The African nations of Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form Tanzania.
1964 – The Boston Celtics won their sixth consecutive NBA title. They won two more before the streak came to an end.
1983 – Dow Jones Industrial Average broke 1,200 for first time.
1986 – The world’s worst nuclear disaster to date occurred at Chernobyl, in Kiev. Thirty-one people died in the incident and thousands more were exposed to radioactive material.

For even more events, check out this page.


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