I’ll Take the Stairs!

Yes, I always take the stairs (whenever possible) — it’s healthier and sometimes quicker than waiting on some elevators. But I have not yet caught the bug to actually stair-climb (i.e., race) my way up some tall buildings.   Stair-climbing has become a competitive sport and there are several races around the world for you to choose from . . . of course, here in the states, the race up the Empire State Building in New York City seems to be the one that most people are aware of.  For more information on tower running, check out http://www.towerrunning.com/ — this site provides a wealth of information on this sport.  Piotr Lobodzinski is the current world cup leader in the male division while Suzanne Walsham is the leader of the women’s division.  Runner’s World magazine even did an article on Suzy this month . . . here are some of the interesting facts/statistics about this 41-year-old Australian athlete (currently living in Singapore):

  • considered the world’s leading female stair-climber
  • has won 42 stair-climbing races
  • won the Vertical World Circuit and the Towerrunning World Cup (for the last three years)
  • has won nine (9) consecutive Swissôtel Vertical Marathons (Singapore)
  • won the race up the Empire State Building this year (her record sixth win in this race) — she reached the top (86th floor) in 12:30
    • 1,576 steps to reach the top of the Empire State Building
    • averaged 8.72 seconds per floor
    • knew she was going to win by the 40th floor (she couldn’t hear anyone behind her)
    • mantra: 2-4-6-8-turn

Walsham was quoted saying “I see run-ups as a race between me and the building.  The bonus is there’s always an amazing view at the end.”  (Runner’s World, May 2015)

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