Still Hazardous to Your Health!

The hazards of smoking (including second-hand smoke) have been publicized regular for many years now, but the number of people who smoke still ranges from between 10 and 28 percent of the population (in the United States).  And while this represents a continuation of the downward trend, there are still quite a few smokers out there.  Here are the states with the highest and lowest percentages of adult smokers.

1.  West Virginia (27.3%)
2.  Kentucky (26.5%)
3.  Arkansas (25.9%)
4.  Mississippi (24.8%)
5.  Tennessee (24.3%)
Hmm, Oklahoma was #6 (23.7%)

5.  New Jersey (15.7%)
4.  Connecticut (15.5%)
3.  Alaska (13.3%)
2.  California (12.5%)
1.  Utah (10.3%)

Source: AARP Bulletin, May 2015, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Here’s a chart showing the declining number (percentage) of smokers (adult and youth), courtesy of the CDC.



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