Life, Let’s Slow It Down a Bit!

Yes, I’m a workaholic, type-A personality.  Yes, I’m over scheduled far more frequently than not. Yes, I often sacrifice sleep to fit one more thing in each day.  Yes, that’s my life.  I would offer that staying busy or constantly being on the go is my coping mechanism for staving off boredom and depression.  Fortunately, I have also discovered that “all work and no play . . . ” will actually result in experiencing the very boredom I wish to escape.  Sometimes extra down time just has to be scheduled and last weekend (Memorial Day) was just such a time.  This reminds me of another proverb about an intervention that will occur if you do NOT schedule this down time . . . “Death is nature’s way of telling you to slow down.”  Hmm, the ultimate relaxation, but a bit extreme.  I should probably work harder at not working so hard.

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