Famous First Facts!

Did you know that the first book made with American paper, ink, and type was produced on today’s date in 1775?  The Impenetrable Secret was printed and sold by Story and Humphreys (in Phildelphia) and was advertised in the Pennsylvania Mercury as “just published and printed with types, paper and ink manufactured in this Province.”

Source: Famous First Facts by Joseph Nathan Kane, Steven Anzovin, and Janet Podell.

Some other “firsts” for June 23rd include:

  • Naval battle in the War of 1812
  • Federal treasury surplus to be returned to the states (1836)
  • Branding punishment by a federal court (1844)
  • Woman congressional lobbyist (1848)
  • State probation officer for juvenile delinquents (1869)
  • State labor bureau (1869)
  • Natural gas plant operated by a city (1871)
  • Hospital designed exclusively for infants (1887)
  • Presidential nominee who was African-American (1888)
  • Medal of Honor awarded to an African-American soldier (1899)
  • Motorboat race under organized rules (1904)
  • Pilot from the United States killed in World War I (1916)
  • Aquarium for large marine animals (1938)
  • Airplane instructor’s license (1938)
  • Coast-to-coast solar-powered two-way radio conversation (1960)
  • High school for pregnant teenage girls (1967)
  • Physician with a mobile medical office (1970)
  • Human-powered submarine race (1989)
  • Congresswoman who was a veteran of the armed forces (1998)

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