Necktie of the Month — July 2015!

IMG_0813Here we are, the day before we celebrate the anniversary of our independence, and I am thinking this would be the perfect opportunity (and most apropos) to highlight one of my recent acquisitions that is quite the patriotic necktie — an abstract version of the American flag in red, white, and blue from the Jerry Garcia “Happy Birthday” collection.  The shirt pairings should be simple for this one: red, white, or blue.  Of course, they will have to be the correct shade of red, white, and blue, or it won’t work.  I know I’m safe with the white shirt, and luckily enough, I have a several shirts with differing shades of blue, so I have plenty of choices from which to choose. The pale blue and the navy blue may be the best candidates for a pairing, but I have a shade of blue shirt leaning more toward a dark aqua that actually doesn’t look to bad when paired with this tie.  I also have a bright red shirt that compliments this necktie quite well. Then when I accessorize the shirt/tie combo with a pair of suspenders (I have separate red, white, and blue braces/ suspenders), it creates a look that is not too shabby at all.


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