How Patriotic Are You!

Now that the smoke and fumes from the fireworks have died down, how patriotic are you really?  Do you only ooze patriotism on the Fourth or July, Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, etc.?  Or do you let your American pride shine through year-round?  Here are some statistics ab out where the average male falls on the patriotic scale (courtesy of Men’s Health magazine, The Average Guy column).

  • 2 in 3 men own an American flag
  • 59% own the flag and actually know the proper way to fold it
  • 37% proudly proclaim that they are patriots
  • 54% say true patriots don’t need to broadcast it
  • 52% would be fine with putting a woman on the $20 bill
  • 44% have no clue who is currently on the $20 bill
  • 43% say that hotdogs are more American than burgers
  • 38% say their ultimate driving machine will always be American-made
  • Average male will proclaim that Budweiser is America’s beer
  • 4,200 guys sent to ERs around July 4th due to fireworks incidents
  • 54% of women say watching fireworks together can spark something romantic
  • 25% have added their voice to a public protest
  • Born in the U.S.A. most patriotic song according to the average male
  • 53% of baseball fans only mouth the words to the Star Spangled Banner
  • 18% are in the stands thinking, oh say can we please just play ball?

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