Most Livable Cities!

Depending on what you are looking for, many cities across the United States can have something to offer.  In May, the AARP Bulletin examined around sixty “livability indicators” that they used  when calculating their lists of “most livable” cities.  They even have a tool to help you see where your community rates (livability index).  So, here are the top ten for three different-sized community types (large [over 500K population], medium [100-500K population], and small [25-100K population]).

Most Libvable Large Cities
1.  San Francisco, CA
2.  Boston, MA
3.  Seattle, WA
4.  Milwaukee, WI
5.  New York, NY
6.  Philadelphia, PA
7.  Portland, OR
8.  Denver, CO
9.  Washington, DC
10.  Baltimore, MD

Most Livable Medium Cities
1.  Madison, WI
2.  St. Paul, MN
3.  Sioux Fall, SD
4.  Rochester, MN
5.  Minneapolis, MN
6.  Arlington, VA
7.  Cedar Rapids, IA
8.  Lincoln, NE
9.  Fargo, ND
10.  Cambridge, MA

Most Livable Small Cities
1.  LaCross, WI
2.  Fitchburg, WI
3.  Bismarck, ND
4.  Sun Prairie, WI
5.  Duluth, MN
6.  Union City, NJ
7.  Grand Island, NE
8.  Kirkland, WA
9.  Marion, IA
10.  West Bend, WI

Source: AARP Bulletin, May 2015

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