The Seven Deadly Sins of Book Care!

Here is a clever poem that helps explain the vital role our patrons play in helping us protect and preserve our print collection of books.  Enjoy!

I.  Pride
Don’t let a sense of foolish pride,
a wounded book henceforth to hide.
Bring the flaw to our attention,
and we’ll applaud your good intention.

II.  Sloth
The dimwitted slothful are hardly aware.
Where they put precious books — the devil may care!
They bake in the sun, they’re dropped in drink (tub, head or sink)
by fun-loving youngsters too tender to think.

III.  Glottony
Who but a low-life dribbling slob
would eat or drink above a book,
or paw through it with grubby mitts and leave
debris on every page, crack, and nook?

IV.  Lechery
It never fails but to amaze:
the hung-up vandal’s harmful ways.
To keep us safe from bookish sin
he marks or removes
all “naughty” words and images within.

V.  Greed
And yes, it’s true, there are a few
who in their greed for knowledge
will break the spine upon the glass
and turn a fine book into trash.

VI.  Envy
It is with grief we think upon
those awful thievish ones.
Instead of duly borrowing,
they envy, skulk, steal, and leave
us all to empty shelves and sorrowing.

VII.  Wrath
It’s sad but true there are those kooks
who vent their rage upon our books:
They tear the pages, break the backs,
and cruelly jam them in their packs.

Source: Randy Silverman, original poem is by Spenser from his Faerie Queene


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