sacrificetempledemotivator_largeHappy Wednesday!  As we reach the midpoint of the week, allow us to ponder the concept of “sacrifice.”  Dedicated and passionate people make sacrifices all the time.   No, not the practice of offering or killing as a religious sacrifice (as implied by this demotivator, courtesy of, but rather, the act of giving up something highly valued for the sake of something else considered to have a greater value or claim.   How have you sacrificed lately?  I often find myself staying late at the office to finish one last task or project that simply has to get done.  I also regularly sacrifice an eight-hour night’s sleep to arise early enough to exercise before going in to work . . . especially since I know i will be too tired at the end of the day to be able to motivate myself out the door for evening exercise.  How have you sacrificed lately?


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