Best Cities for Staying Healthy!

Hmm, I did not see Tulsa anywhere on the lists.  Oh well, c’est la vie!  Regardless, there are several cities that do seem to be doing this better than others (70% are in California).  Here are the top-ten cities based on their population: large (population over 500K), medium (population 100K-500K, and small (population 25K-100K).  Some of the factors that were examined included (but not limited to) the cities where residents engaged in healthy lifestyles, where doctors and hospitals were plentiful, where they have low obesity rates, access to exercise opportunities, and highly regarded care from the local hospitals.

Healthiest Large Cities
1.  San Francisco, CA
2.  San Jose, CA
3.  Seattle, WA
4.  Denver, CO
5.  San Diego, CA
6.  Portland, OR
7.  Albuquerque, NM
8.  Charlotte, NC
9.  Los Angeles, CA
10.  Boston, MA

Healthiest Medium Cities
1.  Arlington, VA
2.  Sunnyvale, CA
3.  Costa Mesa, CA
4.  Irvine, CA
5.  Santa Maria, CA
6.  Fullerton, CA
7.  Orange, CA
8.  Berkeley, CA
9.  Dale City, CA
10.  Santa Clara, CA

Healthiest Small Cities
1.  Novato, CA
2.  San Rafael, CA
3.  Los Altos, CA
4.  Burlingame, CA
5.  San Bruno, CA
6.  Potomac, MD
7.  North Bethesda, MD
8.  Cuppertino, CA
9.  Mountain View, CA
10,.  San Mateo, CA

Source: AARP Bulletin, May 2015


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