Trivia in the Kitchen, Number Fifty-Seven!

I’m generally not too particular about how I grease my cake pans (having to wash my greasy hands afterwards is not that big a deal to me), but if you would rather not get your hands all messy/greasy, then here are some practical tips/tricks for you to use.

  • Use a small plastic/ziploc bag as a glove as you smear the butter onto the sides and into the corners.  And, if you turn the bag inside-out before you begin, then you can pull the right-side out when you are done, seal the bag, and freeze it until you need it the next time. (Tip courtesy of Robin Brisco, Austin, TX)
  • Use the wrapping from a stick of butter.  There will always be some residual butter left on the wrapper (particularly good for when you have to “lightly” grease a surface).  (Tip courtesy of Mary MacVean, Jackson Heights, NY)
  • You can brush your pans with melted butter using a pastry brush and immediately freeze the pan (so that the butter does not settle down the sides and pool at the bottom).  (Tip courtesy of Arline Slote-Davis, Hinsdale, MA)
  • Use a makeup sponge (new) to spread the butter into all of the nooks and crannies of a Bundt pan.  (Tip courtesy of Nanci Oliviero, Toronto, ON, CAN)

And, how about some cool alternatives to “flouring” your pans?

  • Use cocoa (Tip courtesy of Lori Graham, Sault Ste. Marie, MI)
  • Use sugar (Tip courtesy of Suzan L. Wiener, Spring Hill, FL)
  • Use unseasoned bread crumbs (Tip courtesy of Rick Beaudin, Bangor, ME)

Source: How to Break an Egg, by the editors, contributors, and readers of Fine Cooking magazine, p. 185-186.

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