What’s Your Favorite Vice?

Do you drink?  Do you like to gamble from time to time?  Do you cuss or swear on a regular basis?  Do you speed just for the fun of it?  Chances are, if you are prone to any of these above vices, you are not alone.  Did you know that your degenerate habits (when done in moderation) can actually improve your happiness?

Alcohol helps foster friendships, bonding, and sociability.  Just stick to your limit and don’t over do it.

  • the average guy’s age when they get drunk for the first time: 17.  Only 9% of men wait until they’re at least 21.
  • 10% of men have been arrested for public drunkenness.
  • Beer is the intoxicant of choice for 2/3 of Men’s Health readers

If you can remain calm under pressure (a good poker face), you are more likely to be successful.

  • 47% of men have tried their luck in a casino
  • 13% of guys think they are luckier than the average person
  • 16% admit to losing $500 or more at a casino
  • Blackjack is the favorite casino game (40%)

Swearing among your friends builds a sense of solidarity.  It has also been reported that men can tolerate pain longer when they are allowed to swear.

  • 79% of men say hearing other people swear doesn’t bother them
  • What is considered a curse word?
    • Crap (8%)
    • Ass (38%)
    • Dick (42%)
    • Pussy (52%)
    • Shit (81%)
    • Fuck (95%)
  • Percentage of men who swear in front of their . . .
    • Colleague (69%)
    • Parents (51%)
    • Boss (45%)
    • In-Laws (40%)
    • Own children (19%)

Nearly 1/3 of all speeder do it just because it is fun and 94% say that they don’t go more than 10 MPH over the limit.  But, if you are pulled over, apologize — showing remorse is a good thing.

  • 30% drive fast simply because they enjoy the thrill
  • 91% of guys say they drive better than the average person
  • 56% say they usually drive faster than the average person
  • 16% have received a speeding ticket within the last year

Source: Men’s Health magazine, October 2015


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