Conquering Your Fears!

With the approach of Halloween this coming weekend, I thought it might be useful to take a glimpse into what types of things actually trigger fear in men.  The author of the survery, Dr. Christopher Bader, reports that it is the things that can’t be controlled that men fear the most: going broke, death, heights, animals, terrorist attacks, etc.  Here is a partial list with the percentage of men that these scare the hell out of . . .

  • Death (68%)
  • Mass shooting (50%)
  • Growing old (79%)
  •  Terrorist attack (79%)
  • Heights (60%)
  • Going broke (88%)
  • Illness (83%)
  • Animals (53%)
  • Public speaking (60%)
  • Loss of job (68%)
  • Clowns (13%) — really?
  • Flying (36%)
  • The dark (26%)
  • Zombies

Source: Dr. Christopher Bader, Chapman University (Calif.), Survey of Americans’ Fears, and Men’s Health magazine (October 2015)


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