Some Baseball Humor!

Happy Monday!  The World Series began last week pitting the New York Mets against the Kansas City Royals. Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals on winning the World Series — they really tried to finish the season in October, but took one extra day to accomplish the feat!  In tribute to the Royals and the end of the baseball season, here is some baseball humor for your enjoyment.

One day the devil challenged  the Lord to a baseball game.  Smiling, the Lord proclaimed, “You don’t have a chance.  I have Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and all the greatest players up here.”  “Yes,” snickered the devil, “but I have all the umpires.”

Why does a pitcher raise one leg when he pitches?  If he raised both, he’d fall down.

Where does a baseball player go when he needs a new uniform?  New Jersey.

What are the rules in zebra baseball?  Three stripes and you’re out.


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