Necktie of the Month – November 2015!

IMG_0867 (1)The key to successful shopping: do it often (even if it is just “window” shopping), don’t just stick to the same stores/merchants, and always be on the lookout for a bargain.  Case in point: Tulsa has a Noordstrom Rack which I had never gone into before.  So I finally decided one Saturday afternoon, when I had a little time to kill, that it would be worth exploring, especially since I was in the area.  Lo and behold I discovered that they had some really great prices in addition to having some really great clothes.  I found this month’s necktie in the bargain bin for under $10.  And while it looks really great on my solid brown shirt, it would look just as marvelous on my beige and cream shirts as well.  Unfortunately, my bright (nearly lemon) yellow shirt is just a bit too yellow (if that’s possible) to work with this necktie, but alas, I’m not completely without options here, so it is a minor inconvenience.  I now have a new shopping goal: to find a yellow shirt to match this tie.  Aloha!


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