Cooking on All Cylinders!

What exactly differentiates a “cook” from a “chef?”  Brian Geiger, in his blog post for posits two characteristics: creativity and career.  A chef is paid to make food.    He further differentiates the two by stating: “A chef has to be responsible for the soul of the food. A chef should have a deep understanding of how to cook many types of food, what flavors go together, how to handle kitchen equipment (knife skills come in handy here), and so on. A chef should not require the directions part of a recipe, and usually shouldn’t require the amounts in a recipe, either.”

Additionally, I ran across this quotation by A.A. Gill that sums it up beautifully as well.

“The difference between a chef and a cook is the difference between a wife and a prostitute.  Cooks do meals  for people they know and love.  Chefs do it anonymously  for anyone who’s got the price.”

I definitely fall into the “cook” category.


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One Response to “Cooking on All Cylinders!”

  1. Ted Rink Says:

    Me too!

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