So, Are You Looking for New Friends?

Cities where the residents interact with, and look out for, family, friends, and neighbors, join civic groups, vote in high numbers, and have easy access to the digital world are often good places to live.   Here are the top ten cities for making new friends (based on city size — small, medium, and large).  For more details, check out AARP’s Livability Index.

Small cities
1.  Rapid City, SD
2.  Bismarck, ND
3.  Franklin, TN
4.  Kearney, NE
5.  Wheeling, WV
6.  Brentwood, TN
7.  Portland, ME
8.  West Fargo, ND
9.  South Portland, ME
10.  Owatonna, MN

Medium Cities
1.  Sioux Falls, SD
2.  Fargo, ND
3.  Springfield, IL
4.  Cedar Rapids, IA
5.  Tallahassee, FL
6.  Madison, WI
7.  Lincoln, NE
8.  Springfield, MO
9.  New Orleans, LA
10.  Gresham, OR

Large Cities
1.  Washington, DC
2.  Portland, OR
3.  Nashville, TN
4.  Jacksonville, FL
5.  Philadelphia, PA
6.  Milwaukee, WI
7.  Boston, MA
8.  Austin, TX
9.  San Francisco, CA
10.  Columbus, OH

Source: AARP Bulletin (May 2015)


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