College Basketball 2016, Week Seven!

127The Spartans only had one game this week, @ Northeastern; and despite dreadful shooting early in the first half, the Spartans managed to cruise to a 20-point win to improve to 12-0 (and the lone remaining undefeated team in the Big Ten Conference).  The Spartans have matched their best start ever (2000-2001 season). There were several upsets among the top-25 this week, included a couple of undefeated teams (Iowa State and Purdue); there are currently only five (5) undefeated teams remaining in the top-25 (Michigan State, Oklahoma, Xavier, SMU, and South Carolina).  The Big Ten currently has three (3) teams in the AP top-25: Michigan State (#1), Maryland (#4), and Purdue (#14).

Next up for the Spartans: at home against the Golden Grizzlies of Oakland University on Tuesday (tomorrow).  Go Green!

The upsets this week included:
Kentucky (#4) losing to unranked Ohio State.
Iowa State (#5) losing to unranked Northern Iowa by two (2) points.
Duke (#7) losing to unranked Utah by two (2) points in overtime.
Purdue (#9) losing to Butler (#17) by six (6) points.
Baylor (#16) losing to Texas A&M.

The close calls this week (won by six points or less [two scores] or in overtime) included:
Cincinnati (#23) defeating unranked VCU by six (6) points.

Top-25 match-ups won by the higher-ranked team included:
Virginia (#8) defeating Villanova (#12).
North Carolina (#11) defeating UCLA (#22).


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