Are You Wasting Your Workout Time?

How many of us “find” ways to distract ourselves away from our workouts?  Men’s Health magazine has identified thirteen different ways  that you could be frittering away your workout (nearly half of your hour-long session).

Activity (# of minutes)
1. Fiddling with workout apps (1)
2. Texting or emailing (1.5)
3. Watching TV (1.5)
4. Considering your next exercise (1)
5. Waiting for/resetting equipment (3.5)
6. Cleaning up after others (1)
7. Making small talk (1.5)
8. Judging other workouts (1.5)
9. Checking people out (3)
10. Weighing yourself (.5)
11. Sitting in the sauna (1.5)
12. Taking water breaks (2.5)
13. Resting longer than needed between sets (6)

I am happy to report that I rarely use any of these to self-distract from the exercise at hand.  I workout alone, I don’t use apps, I don’t weigh or use the sauna, I rarely take water breaks, and I hardly ever rest.  But then again, I’m not doing a weight workout (I mostly do aerobic — running, cycling, walking and occasional calisthenics).  When I do perform calisthenics and do “reps,” I time my rests and keep it moving.

Source: Men’s Health magazine, January/February 2016.


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