I Tried to Resist!

IMG_0841Here’s is a wonderfully framed print that I was able to acquire last summer while vacationing in Traverse City, Michigan.  I first noticed this print early on in my vacation and chose to pass it up (and was congratulating myself on my will power).  The print was displayed in the front window of the shop and the moment I saw it, I was drawn to the window to learn more about the piece — I was curious and interested just at first sight (the orangeness didn’t hurt).  However, there was no information about it: no artist info, no signature, no price, etc.  So, I simply moved on.  Well, as luck would have it, my brother just happened to need to visit this same frame shop to pick up a piece that he had dropped off to have framed.  Seeing this piece for the second time was just enough to weaken my resolve; I inquired within about the author, the medium, and the price.  I was informed that is was simply a print (artist unknown) that had been put into an awesome frame — it resembles a colorized zentangle — but the frame was shrieking “buy me, buy me!”  And buy it I did . . . it is now hanging in my bedroom, woohoo!


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2 Responses to “I Tried to Resist!”

  1. unc ted Says:

    What is it? A bird?

  2. Tom Rink Says:

    Yes, I would say that it is definitely a bird.

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