The Law of Hospitality!

Here’s the next installment of manners and etiquette (courtesy of the Goops).

The Law of Hospitality
There is a very simple rule
That every one should know;
You may not hear of it in school,
But everywhere you go,
In every land where people dwell,
And men are good and true,
You’ll find they understand it well,
And so I’ll tell it you:

To every one who gives me food,
Or shares his home with me,
I owe a debt of gratitude,
And I must loyal be.
I may not laugh at him, or say
Of him a word unkind;
His friendliness I must repay,
And to his faults be blind.

Source: More Goops and How Not to Be Them: a Manual of Manners for Impolite Infants Depicting the Characteristics of Many Naughty and Thoughtless Children by Gelett Burgess.


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