Happy Thursday!

Thursday . . . from the Old English Thu(n)resdæg or “day of thunder,” was named after Thunor (Thor), the Germanic god of thunder; the Norse call this day Torsdag (named after the Norse god Thor); and the Romans use dies Jovis (“Jove’s Day”) in reference to their most important God, Jupiter (Jove).


In other languages . . .

  • French: jeudi
  • Italian: giovedi
  • Spanish: jueves
  • German: Donnerstag
  • Dutch: donderdag

In even more languages . . .

And depending on your convention, Thursday is either the fourth day of the week (ISO 8601 international standard) or the fifth day of the week (Sunday-first convention).  I’ve always considered Sunday as the first day of the week (part of my Judeo-Christian upbringing, no doubt), but when one considers the the work week’s “weekend,” then starting the new week with Monday certainly makes a lot of sense.  I will certainly not lose any sleep over whether it is the fourth or the fifth day of the week.

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