This semester, our institution received a grant from the Oklahoma Humanities Council to conduct a series of book discussions: “Let’s Talk About It Oklahoma.”  We are reading books by Native-American authors  . . .

  • Fool’s Crow by James Welch
  • Mean Spirit by Linda Hogan
  • The Bingo Palace by Louise Erdrich and
  • Medicine River by Thomas King

. . . one of the benefits of reading these particular authors is that I’m running across numerous words that will enhance both my vocabulary as well as my cultural awareness.  So far I have been able to figure out all of these words merely by the context in which they have been used, but they were new words to me nonetheless.


pahr-flesh, pahr-flesh \, noun;

1.  a rawhide that has been dried after having been soaked in a solution oflye and water to remove the hair.
2.  an article or object, as a case, pouch, etc., made of such rawhide.

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