Truly Trivial!

Question: how long has the FBI’s top ten most wanted fugitives list been around?
Answer: since 1950 (March 14th).

Question: what does it take to be removed from the list?
Answer: the person is captured, they die, or the charges are dropped.  (On occasion, the FBI will drop someone from the list, but only if they are determined to no longer be a “particularly dangerous menace to society.”

Question: who has been on the list the longest?
Answer: Victor Manuel Garena (32 years, on the list since 1984).

Question: who has had the shortest tenure on the list?
Answer: Billie Austin Bryant (2 hours in 1969).

Question: who has been the oldest person added to the list?
Answer: William Bradford Bishop (77 years of age, added to the list in 2014).

Question: who was the first woman to be added to the list?
Answer: Ruth Eisemann Schier (1968).

Some other fun facts . . .

  • Since its inception, 505 fugitives have been on the “Top Ten” list, and 474 have been apprehended or located. 

  • 156 fugitives have been captured/located as a result of citizen cooperation.

  • Two fugitives were apprehended as a result of visitors on an FBI tour.

  • Nine fugitives were arrested prior to publication and release, but are still considered as officially on the list.


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