Workplace Retirement Plans!

So, are you ready for retirement?  Have you saved sufficiently?  Do you work for an employer who has an employer-based account?  In the April issue of AARP Bulletin, there was a state-by-state comparison of the percentage of workers with employer-based accounts.  These percentages range from a high of 61% to a low of 38%.  Oklahoma fell right in the middle at 50%.  Here are the states with the five highest and the five lowest percentages of employer-based accounts:

Highest percentage
1.  Wisconsin (61%)
1.  Minnesota (61%)
3.  North Dakota (59%)
3.  Iowa (59%)
5.  New Hampshire (58%)
5.  Connecticut (58%)

Lowest percentage
1.  Florida (38%)
2.  Nevada (39%)
3.  Arizona (41%)
3.  New Mexico (41%)
5.  Texas (42%)

Source: PEW Charitable Trusts, data for full-time private-sector workers ages 18-64.


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