In the Middle of Nowhere . . . !

Several years ago I’m composed a song on piano and dabbled with some lyrics, but unfortunately the lyrics were never finalized or written down.  I do remember how I started but I will have to recreate the remainder in the days and weeks to come (as the inspiration fills me).  So be patient, and bear with me as, I attempt to resurrect my thought on what I meant to express in this song.

It starts as follows (I’m not yet sure if this is a verse or the refrain . . . time will tell):

In the middle of nowhere,
In a glen, by a stream,
Was a quaint little cabin,
This bachelor’s dream.

A dream that won’t end,
Or disappear;
A dream that will offer you strength,
Year after year.


So, check back later to see where this goes.  I will attempt to inspire an update every week or so until a complete set of lyrics has materialized.


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