Necktie of the Month – June 2016!

LoyolaHappy Friday!  This month I’m highlighting a necktie that I acquired several years ago on a brief trip to Chicago.  During this trip I visited the Loyola University Museum of Art and found this remarkable tie in their gift shop (the D’Arcy Woven Tie).  While the earth tones on this one make it a perfect candidate for pairing with my brown, tan, and golden yellow shirts, it also contains that hint of blue and works equally fine with my pale blue shirt.

The Loyola University Museum of Art’s permanent collection is named the Martin D’Arcy, S.J. Collection after the Jesuit priest. D’Arcy has been described as “perhaps England’s foremost Catholic public intellectual from the 1930s until his death” (Source: Richard Harp, “A Conjuror at the Xmas Party”, TLS, Dec. 11, 2009.)   This Collection is considered one of the finest collections of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque art in the Midwest.  The museum itself is “dedicated to the exploration, promotion and understanding of art and artistic expression and attempts to illuminate the enduring spiritual questions and concerns of all cultures and societies” (from their website).  I would highly recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in the area.



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