Critics and Criticism!

It would seem that in today’s day and age, critics are generally not popular people — no one wants or likes to receive criticism.   Why is it then that everyone seems to be a critic.  An interesting dilemma indeed.  Here are some quotations that drive this point home rather effectively.

“Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how it’s done, they’ve seen it done every day, but they are unable to do it themselves.”  (Brendan Behan)

“You know who the critics are?  The men who have failed in literature and art.”  (Benjamin Disraeli)

“Criticism is a study by which men grow important and formidable at very small expense.”  (Samuel Johnson)

“The lot of critics is to be remembered by what they failed to understand.”  (George Moore)

“At ev’ry word a reputation dies.”  (Alexander Pope)

“Never pay attention to what critics say . . . A statue has never been set up in honour of a critic!”  (Jean Sibelius)

And this conversation between Oscar Wilde and the critic Beerbohm Tree:

WILDE: I shall always regard you as the best critic of my plays.
TREE: But I have never criticized your plays.
WILDE: That’s why.

Source: The Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations.


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2 Responses to “Critics and Criticism!”

  1. peter moon Says:

    Thank you, Tom! You never are at a loss for words, and you use them very well. Best wishes — Peter

  2. Tom Rink Says:

    Peter, my pleasure. Thanks.

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